About me
Andy Korth is the co-owner of Howling Moon Software. He graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris in 2007, majoring in Computer Science.

For my latest news, please visit my company's blog.

For my recent publications, please take a look at my publications page. I've recently updated it with my paper on Modeling and Simulation with Agents. I found this topic very interesting and might pursue it further.

I've also posted my previous paper, Predicting Virtual Economies. It is a neural networks project that I worked on over the fall of 2006. I had excellent results using a neural network to predict the prices on the World of Warcraft auction house.

Notable Projects:
  • Reclaimed- Reclaimed is my uDevGames 2008 contest entry. It's a small scale online roleplaying game focused on player created content.
  • ScribBall and Crayon Ball- These are our casual physics-based puzzles games, which are available for the iPhone and desktop computers.
  • Eternal Realms- This java project is a graphical Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. A server and a client are implemented in Java 1.4. Working on this project has been extraordinarily helpful to my learning of a variety of advanced concepts. These features and concepts are detailed on the Eternal Realms page.
  • MMORPG1 - This java project was for the UMM course Software Development. It inspired a much improved and totally redesigned MMORPG2. (Project inactive, fortunately)
  • Dawn of Time- The DoT codebase is one of the most advanced MUD codebases in the world. The Dawn of Time code is derived from the Oblivion 2.0 codebase, which is derived from ROM 2.4, from MERC 2.1, all the way back to Diku.
  • Myridian Fields- A DoT mud started by the codebase founder, Kalahn. It contains all the code for the future version of DoT, in addition to custom code.
  • Realms of Aloreth- A mud based on the Dawn of Time codebase. I included some very novel ideas that are not commonly seen in MUDs and even less common in conventional RPGs. Most notable was the classless player system where advancement was based on a series of skill trees. Details are on the project webpage, which is still up, as of the time of this writing. (Project inactive, resources diverted to other projects)
  • Web Pages- As most of my brothers and sisters in the field, I too have suffered through web site design work. Since I feel a need to post long-defunct sites, I have included some old garbage, in addition to professional work. You guess which is which!

Hosted here
There might be a few sites worth actually visiting that I host here.

Online Presence
Archiel Rahl is a distinguished member of many communities. He may have been previously known as Caharin Rahl. You may have heard about or met me on:
  • Reclaimed
  • Armageddon
  • World of Warcraft
  • Eve Online
  • Myridian Fields
  • A Tale in the Desert
  • Darkening Sun
  • Realms of Aloreth
  • Wizard's Realm
More information on the Archiel page. If you're looking to reminisce about old times, send me an email or read over some of the stuff on that page.
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